Coffee Cups

Elegant mug in finely decorated ceramic, available in an infinitTondo Fiorentino presents its new collections of coffee cups, the object that more than any other connotes the style of Italian taste at the table and on every occasion where the pleasure of a break becomes a moment of joy for the senses.
The philosophy of our pure porcelain cups is to amaze, playing with subjects ranging from graphics, to art, to symbolism, in a mix of shapes and styles that are always different and sublime like the thousand shades of espresso coffee.
Let yourself be conquered by our mugs; you can decide to buy two or an entire collection and, on request and without a surcharge you can ask to mix different collections, always starting from a minimum of two pieces.
e number of subjects whose collections range from the classic themes of vintage decoration to the most dynamic contemporary stylistic inventions resulting from the prolific imagination of the art director Diego Ponzuoli. Our cups are produced to an exclusive design in the ancient workshops of Calenzano, on the outskirts of Florence, where the “third fire” decorative tradition has boasted excellent creations famous throughout the world since ancient times.
The Tondo Fiorentino Mug is perfect for decorative use in any environment where taste and personality are the common thread, but also for not too frequent food use, perhaps with an infusion of tea or an aromatic herbal tea.